Relaxation for two

Trekking, hiking or just simply walking, no matter what one might call it, all three activities encompass the same thing – movement which relaxes and is healthy for the body and mind. The chosen destination is the right fit, if you prefer walking in untouched nature and moderate hiking trails.

Enjoy the tranquility, almost untouched nature and fresh air along with an enjoyable languor, which can later be dispersed in the sauna.
It only takes a little will, but your invested effort will be repaid by a guaranteed sense of satisfaction.

Infrared therapy is gaining popularity among sauna users due to its many benefits. Infrared light directly warms the body, the temperature in the sauna is therefore lower (25–55 °C) and more pleasant. The infrared light in the sauna is the same as the infrared light of the sun, and can be felt on the skin, no matter the air temperature. It is invisible to the human eye, but can be felt as heat.

The sauna is run 2.5 hours per day.

Instructions for proper sauna use

  • ALWAYS SHOWER BEFORE USING THE SAUNA  (showering is necessary for hygiene reasons, as several persons can occuppy the sauna at the same time, but it also removes grease from the skin,  opens its pores and stimulates sweating).
  • ENTER THE SAUNA COMPLETELY DRY (the optimal effect of sweating can only be achieved if your body is completely dry).
  • USE THE SAUNA FOR 10–15 MIN. (as a rule of thumb, use the sauna for as long as you feel comfortable, but never longer than 15 min. – in saunas, there is usually an hourglass, which runs out in 15 min.).
  • SHOWER AFTER USING THE SAUNA  (after getting out of the sauna, a luke warm shower is recommended, but because your body is warm and the water comparatively cold, we recommended you first start showering your feet and arms, and finally your whole body, as cold water can othwerwise cause a shock to the body ).
  • REST FOR 10–15 MIN. (we recommend some rest after showering – which also feels good – and drinking as much fluids as possible, as the body loses a lot of fluids during a sauna visit).