Welcome to the Holiday Apartments

Janko & Metka

Cosy accommodation in two holiday apartments close to the Rogla ski resort (5 minutes away). The holiday house is set in quiet surroundings at an altitude of nearly 4500 ft, and its location gives guests the opportunity to spend their free time relaxing, biking or hiking, as it serves as an excellent starting point for short and long trails and routes. We’ve made sure that our guests will feel at home here. Experience a real touch of winter with a wood-burning stove – there is one in each apartment, along with central heating, bedding, a TV etc.




Relaxation for two

Infrared therapy is gaining popularity among sauna users due to its many benefits. Infrared light directly warms the body, the temperature in the sauna is therefore lower (25–55 °C) and more pleasant. The infrared light in the sauna is the same as the infrared light of the sun, and can be felt on the skin, no matter the air temperature. It is invisible to the human eye, but can be felt as heat.

We experienced a real winter wonderland at the apartments Janko & Metka!
There was plenty of fun on the snow with the kids: we made snowmen, played tag and had snowball fights close to the apartment. We tried out cross-country skiing and went skiing each morning, of course.
We highly recommend spending your holidays here!


Rogla is truly wonderful in winter and allows for many delightful activities on the snow. The Holiday Apartments Janko & Metka, where we stayed, are located just below Rogla’s peak and we really liked it there.
Our apartment was spacious and comfortable, it felt like home. It truly resembles the house from tale of Hansel & Gretel when it’s covered in snow. We look forward to coming back!