A stroll through the Pohorje woods will recharge your body’s batteries and calm your mind and thoughts. If you wish to spend some days being active and get away from your worries, the paths through the forest, clearings and meadows are simply mesmerising. Pohorje is a plateau; the trails over it are therefore comparatively easy and suitable for anyone.

You can freely choose between many trails of various lengths and levels of difficulty starting out from the Holiday Apartments Janko & Metka.

From the apartments, you can walk to Rogla centre – the walk is not demanding and takes 35 minutes. Go north and walk along the already paved path marked with blazes; in a couple of minutes you will reach the road leading to Rogla. It brings you to the Natura Hotel where you can either stroll around the surrounding meadows or opt to do something else.

The walk is easy and takes 35 minutes.


The way to Matic Farm is somewhat longer. Take the footpath west from the apartments Janko & Metka through the woods and walk downhill for approx. 400 m until you reach the forest road. Continue walking along the road for 2 km. At the crossroads with the manger for wild animals turn right and take the path west leading upward. Walk uphill for about 1.5 km until you reach the turning point. Continue along the forest trail slightly to the left for another 200 m until you reach a forest track. It leads along a ridge to the west. After approx. 1 km, you will reach the Paka spring. From here on, the path starts descending towards a hunter’s perch where you turn right, now facing north.

After 500 m you will reach the edge of the pasture at the Matic Farm (it is not inhabitated). There is a suitable spot for resting, taking a lunch break and enjoying the beautiful view of the peaks Uršlja gora and Peca, the Mislinja Valley, and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

You can go back the same way or continue your hike to the west along the forest road which leads to Rogla. At the edge of the forest, take a sharp turn right to the west and walk along the footpath through the woods uphill for 800 m until you reach the plain. Continue walking along the ridge for another 3 km until you reach the road leading to Rogla. At this point, take a sharp turn right to the south and you will reach your starting point after a low descent of 15 minutes.

This  is a hike of medium difficulty and it takes 4 hours.


Visit Slovenia’s highest nucleated settlement Skomarje. Start out at the apartments Janko & Metka and follow the footpath to the southeast. Ascend from the apartment to the left via a blazed footpath through the woods all the way to the Skomarje village, where   the folk poet Jurij Vodovnik was born and the St Lambert Church is located. From here you can return the same way.

This is a hike of medium difficulty and it takes 2.5 hours.


Starting out from the apartments Janko & Metka, take the forest road which will bring you to the main road leading to Rogla. Turn left and continue riding your bike uphill for 1 km until you reach the resort. Continue all the way to the Koča na Pesku cabin, where you can enjoy some refreshments and return the same way. This route takes 1.5 hours.


Head west along the path from the apartments through the woods, descending for approx. 400 m before reaching the paved forest road. Turn right after approx. 2 km at the crossing and cycle uphill for 1.5 km until you reach a forest path leading past the Paka spring sign. After a short descent to the edge of the meadow next to the Matic Farm (it is not inhabitated), continue on the forest road towards Rogla. After 4 km, the road branches off right towards Rogla. Continue your way across the running terrain until you reach the Planja Hotel. Take the asphalt road and cycle downhill for approx. 1 km and turn right onto the forest road leading back to your starting point.

This is a medium level route which takes 2.5 hours.


Sledding, snowshoeing, even cross-country skiing or ski touring for anyone who loves a good challenge.


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